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With many trips in the mountains and forests in our beautiful country, and countless hours of fishing in heavy rain, cements our knowledge that good clothes are required for the best experience of the fantastic nature.

Freewear is a brand for clothes, developed just for such experiences. The clothes are made for the entire family for different activities outdoors and for all weather conditions. Focus is placed primarily on function and we only use materials of the greatest quality.

The latest years of development in the textile industry has made it possible to produce clothes with excellent function combined with eyecatching design, and thats why we created the brand Freewear year 1999.

From the year 2000 we have developed clothes with our own design with an emphasis on outdoor and rain clothes for the entire family. Today we are proud to present clothing with superb functionality and fit.

Freewear tools is a umbrella term for products for those who seek "good to have" items for outdoor use in the forest/alpine/sea.