We dare say that over the years we have been operating / been through most of what China and Asia can offer in terms of both praise and criticism.
In order to focus on trading and do what we know we do best, we sold our outdoor brand Freewear in May 2015.

Our customers are small and medium-sized businesses that need help to find the right products commercially with all rules and regulations surrounding China, EU and Sweden.
To meet the increasing competition from all the big chain stores, we believe that to survive as a small chain store or shop you have to raise the margins and avoid some of the links in the chain. Today is not the clients as previously. The price performance ratio is perhaps the most important factor. We can offer a number of smaller links in wholesale chain that most costumers appreciate.

The big difference between doing business through SPIRA AB and a local agent in China, is that we are a Swedish company in place with both Western and local staff supervising rather and not just local Chinese staff.
We guarantee that the inspection and control is much better for a lot less cost.
If you want, we can also arrange for REACH chemical analysis by SGS and control of valid documents.


Our office is located in Zhejiang, Yiwu city, close to the world's largest wholesale market (see picture), which is more than 110 000 supplier shop. The market is about 6,000 meters long 400 meters wide in the 4-5 plane.
One problem is that English is rarely spoken at the fair in Yiwu so whoever gets there needs help with both the interpretation, explanation, QC  and repacking.
Items available at the show is incredibly mixed quality, when the price is too you should get suspicious, there are vendors that sell both the second and third grade.

With the right planning and advice, this is the place with the world’s best prices.

We at Spirea AB can also offer direct contact with manufacturers all over Asia, especially when our former core business was of textiles and clothing.

To facilitate travel, we have arranged a cooperate agreement with
Air China that gives our customers special perks as well. We also have hotel discounts at many good hotels in China as well as our partners, which transports you and your cargo safely and most cost-effectively seen.
We can also assist with business visa applications.